1. Drink Enough Fluids

    Many people are worried about drinking fluids because they fear it will increase their chances of leakage. However dehydration leads to concentrated and intense-smelling urine. Try to focus on drinking six-to-eight glasses of water (or, if you’re having hydration issues, clear broth) a day; your urine should be diluted and its odor will be reduced.

  2. Get an Exam

    Get an examination to check for infection in your bladder or urinary tract. Infection can give urine a stronger or even foul odor.

  3. Switch it Up

    Try altering your diet; foods and beverages like coffee and asparagus can give urine a distinctive and strong smell.

  4. Drink Cranberry Juice

    Cranberry juice increases the acidity of urine, which can reduce odor.

  5. Take Deodorizing Tablets

    Internal deodorizing products can help to neutralize urine smells. Vitamin C tablets can also deodorize urine — but they can also interact negatively with other medications or treatments, so check with your doctor before consuming tablets.

    • Do not substitute in citrus juice and/or fruits for the Vitamin C tablets — citrus fruits are naturally acidic, and may only cause more odor or irritation.

Other Ways to Control Odor

  1. Keep Yourself Clean

    Maintaining good hygiene and putting on fresh undergarments every day can work wonders for odor control. Take care to wash yourself gently and thoroughly after each episode of incontinence.

  2. Odor-Reducing Incontinence Products

    Many people first substitute menstrual pads rather than purchase products specifically designed to trap and keep urine moisture and odor locked away. Many incontinence products are designed to help prevent odor from forming at all. Avoid perfumed products that only mask odors.

  3. Wash Urine Collecting Devices Thoroughly

    Disinfect any reusable devices with commercial cleaners or with a solution of 1 part vinegar, 2 parts water. Avoid using bleach, which doesn’t dissolve urine crystals as well.

  4. Wash Bed Sheets and Soiled Clothing Often

    Use white vinegar or baking soda to boost your normal detergent. When using white vinegar, put clothing and bedding through an extra cold rinse twice.

  5. Air Fresheners

    In bathrooms and other areas where urine odor may be more noticeably, try using an air freshener that eliminates odor rather than a cloying perfume scent that only masks odors.

  6. Still Can’t Find the Odor Source? Try Using a Black Light

    Surprisingly, you may be able to find previously soiled areas with a black light. Urine glows under the light.

Source: Shieldhealthcare

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